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"The question is whether we are going to reinvigorate the private-sector institutions under citizen control or allow their continued erosion by the forces of centralized social planning."

Republican Party Platform 2016


If you're a registered voter, we invite you to take our survey, below:

National Level

Things are pretty crazy right now in D.C. The Republican National Party Platform is 67 pages long. We've condensed it by sifting out the "we will support/oppose" statements, but there are still a LOT of issues confronting our nation. Choose the top 10 you'd like addressed in the next two years.


State Level

Did you know the state of Florida has had a Republican governor and a Republican majority in both state houses for the last 20 years? Tell them what issues you'd like them to work on!


Local Level

It's hard translating the Republican National Party Platform into issues that local government can tackle, but we've created a survey that gives it the old college try!


"We welcome to our ranks all citizens who are determined to reclaim the rights of the people that have been ignored or usurped by the federal and intrusive state governments."

Republican Party Platform 2016, re-adopted 2020

$30.4 Trillion

National Debt


debt per citizen


Debt per taxpayer

$2.3 T

Deficit so far this year

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Our two party system began even before the U.S. Constitution was written.  We have always, as a nation, disagreed strongly between those who want more centralized power, and those who want de-centralized power focused on the States and the People.  

It should be plain to ALL by now what happens when the central government (Washington, DC) gains too much power.  It should also be plain to all WHICH PARTY wants more centralized power.

The Republican Party Platform believes strongly in reducing the power of the central government and leaving decision-making to the States and to the People.  However, power corrupts, and our Republican representatives often stray from that platform.  As a Republican voting in the primaries, you can correct that problem.  As an independent, you cannot.

Take our survey and decide for yourself how your values line up with the values of the Republican Party.  If they mostly line up, use the power of the primaries to hold your representatives accountable.

The Democrat Party of today has abandoned its faithful working class base for urban elites committed to a socialist and global government agenda.

Conservative Democrats have traditionally joined with minor party Republicans to accomplish a fiscally and morally responsible agenda.  It’s not really as big a leap to the Republican Party as you think.

Switch today!

There’s an expression applicable here: you eat an elephant one bite at a time:

  1. Become informed.  This website helps you learn about the Republican Party.  Compare it to the Democrat Party platform and choose the one that best fits your beliefs.  
  2. Join the local party organizations as they’re the best place to learn what’s going on politically in your community.  If you have a strong interest in a particular issue, there is an organization you can join.
  3. Vote in the primaries.  If neither party fits your beliefs exactly, the primaries are the place to find candidates who do.
  4. Secure our elections.  Volunteer to be a poll worker or watcher.

The MISSION of the Republican Executive Committee (REC) is to increase Republican registration in Putnam County FL and to promote an informed electorate through political education.

We also work to foster loyalty to the Republican Party and increase public awareness of the Putnam Republican Executive Committee and Republican clubs.

Most importantly, we seek qualified candidates who support the Republican philosophy and goals.  We work hard to ensure voters have enough information to make wise choices.

We promote the election of all Republican candidates in the General Election.  To learn more, CLICK HERE.

"We support the following test: is a particular expenditure within the constitutional scope of the federal government?  If not, stop it.  Has it been effective in the past and is it still absolutely necessary?  If not, end it.  Is it so important as to justify borrowing, especially foreign borrowing, to fund it?  If not, kill it."

Republican National Platform 2016